I'm Jacki, It's Nice to meet you


In America, when we first meet someone, we ask “So what do you do?”

Over the years, I’ve held many titles: Receptionist, Museum Educator, Programs Director, Administrative Assistant, IT Security Technician, Program Assistant, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Copywriter (some of these at the same time).

But none of them really says much about me.

Those titles don’t tell you…

  • what keeps me up at night (financial worries)
  • what makes me squeal (hearing my son will be reading Of Mice and Men in school)
  • what makes me smile (hiking in the woods with my dogs)
  • what drives me (my curiosity)

Here’s what I can tell you.


Mother * Partner * Daughter * Sister * Aunt * Teacher * Student * Reader * Introvert * Geek * Scholar * Feminist * Liberal


Independence * Growth * Discovery * Trust

I Crave

Solitude * Mountain Hikes * Ocean Waves * Deep Connections * Brownies w/ Whipped Cream Topping


My Personality - INTJ

imaginative yet decisive *ambitious yet private *insanely curious *starry-eyed idealist and bitter cynic *everything is open to examination

My Kryptonite

social conventions* rules for the sake of rules * status quo * emotions * large parties * the superficial

My Superpowers

observant, assured, & unruffled * dignified, discreet, & well-informed * bring stability & calm * deliver with consistency