Hey There

I’m Jacki and welcome to my home on the internet.

Picture a cozy coffee shop with original exposed brick and a Scandinavian vibe. I have a super large mug of chai latte (never have liked coffee) and you have your favorite hot beverage. We’re both wrapped in a cozy sweater and our comfiest pants.

There’s a soft murmur of conversation all around us, other Gen X women leaving the bullshit at the door and talking about life in midlife. There's dialogue about feeling invisible, conversations about raising teens. Discussions about religion and spirituality, social justice and politics. Talk about financial worries or a lack of purpose.

And in every voice, the note of a woman ready to say YES to her life as if crawling out of a chrysalis.

The deep, insatiable desire to become what she might have been.

Are you ready to settle in and get comfy? Are you willing to put aside the small talk and go deep?

Let's get to know each other.