Friday Finds - 11/17/17

Where I talk about why I started drawing after a 25+ year hiatus and share some of my favorite articles from across the web. Don't miss that cute photo of a pile of kittens.

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Jacki Hayes
Friday Finds - 11/03/17

This week I share some of my struggles, what's making me happy, and links to some of my favorite articles out on the web - a dream home for cat lovers, an amazing podcast about race, and an idea to try if your book club just isn't getting off the ground.

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Friday FindsJacki Hayes
So you want to be brave

We think we know what it means to be brave. Bravery is running into a burning building or pulling a gunshot victim to cover. Big, heroic deeds in the face of physical danger. But what does it really mean to be brave and can you show bravery when never confronted with these extraordinary events?

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