Friday Finds #1

Happy Friday! This week has been a tough one.

I spent a chunk of the week trying to nail down affordable transportation for my partner who will be going to an adult day center once a week. Let me just say that $40 for a one-way ride is not affordable. Right now, it's looking like Uber is the best choice, but I worry about him being able to navigate the app. His first day at the center is today, so we will see how it goes.

Wednesday, I woke up to the news of the NYC terror attack. Is it me or is anyone else getting a little terrified to leave their house? 

That same day I was informed that I was not going on to the interview round for a job that would be closer to home (cutting my commute time by 1.5 hours). Ugh.

On the positive side, we celebrated Amber's 11th birthday. She's a redbone coonhound mix that joined our family 7.5 years ago. She's devoted to people and I can't imagine our family without her. She's slowing down in her old age, but still insists on participating in everything. That's a struggle sometimes when her "sister" Winnie can hike for miles before she slows down and Amber is done before we reach the second mile.

Thursday, I spent a lovely long lunch with a friend talking friendship and family over delicious tandoori chicken. It was just the type of connection I needed to recharge and head into the end of the week.

Finally, to borrow from NPR's It's Been a Minute Friday tradition - the best thing that happened to me all week was buying tickets to Thor: Ragnarok for a Sunday showing. As an avid Marvel girl, I can't wait to see the first MCU female villain and female superhero of color. Plus, when it comes to my son, superheroes is our common love language. I have a feeling next week's best thing will be seeing the movie.

Now onto this week's finds...


Did you know that being wrong physically hurts? That explains a lot, particularly about my 15 year-old (I wonder if it hurts more for teens?). I'm thinking of printing out this article (with adorable illustrations) and sticking it to the fridge for the kiddo to read.

This is an excellent article on how so much of the political turmoil right now is about being afraid - of being irrelevant, invisible, and vulnerable - on both sides of the divide. 

Some people (weird people) find it hard to read a book once a month for book club. So what about an article club?

I am both a book lover and a cat person. So this house is like a dream home. I especially love that trap door in the bedroom.

The Seeing White series on Scene on Radio has been an interesting exploration of the concept of race and what it means to be white.

One aspect of empty-nesting that I am really looking forward to is down-sizing. That doesn't mean that I don't scream at the TV like Roxane Gay when Tiny House Hunters is on.

An artists explores mental illness through character design

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