Friday Finds #3

Happy Friday of a long holiday weekend (at least in the US). 

It's been a pretty quiet week. My son spends Thanksgiving with his dad, from Wednesday until late this evening. So Thanksgiving day for me is always about waking up super late, watching the Macy's Day parade in my pajamas, and then binge watching something for the rest of the day while I eat comfort food.

I'll be doing the whole family holiday thing tomorrow when my parents come up to visit. Yay for dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Today, after I get off work at the Y, we're heading to Pella, Iowa for some pre-Sinterklaas Dutch vibes and pastries. Then a little exploration of Lake Red Rock before heading home and curling up for a comfy weekend and a kick off to the holiday season.

The common wisdom in habit formation says a new habit should be placed between a cue/trigger and a reward. But what if there is a better method?

For those taco-obsessed, guacamole lovers out there, this Etsy shop is for you.

A wonderful conversation about motherhood and the "wine o'clock" trend.

The first segment of this This American Life episode is about catcalling. While listening, I felt angry, frustrated, and scared. It explains the overwhelming number of women who shared there voice with #metoo. It also illuminates the immense lack of understanding between men and women, in particular, whose feelings and experiences are valid and important.

Sometimes self care "takes doing the thing you least want to do."

A lot has been said about the growing income inequality in the US.  "No other nation in the 35-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is as unequal, and none have experienced such a sharp rise in inequality." And here's some common (& inaccurate) reasons we often hear. Hint, it's not immigration.

This Want Ad could have been written by me.

Ever wonder how a starfish walks? This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen.

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