Friday Finds #6

I kicked off the week with a wonderful hike in the woods. Winnie joined me, and old lady Amber went for a short walk with Dad (distraction from being left behind). We shared the trail with tons of mountain bikers and saw pelicans and dozens of ring billed gulls. The day was absolutely perfect for a hike.

Once, home I finally put ornaments on the tree. For some reason, I seem to have the sole responsibility for the ornaments in my house. And while I love seeing them on the tree, I HATE the process of taking them off and putting them away. This year, I stuck to a few of my favorites, which was my Hallmark Puppy Love collection.

Now it's on to wrapping gifts.

The #metoo movement has some men wondering why women get all gussied up if they don't wanted to be harassed. 

Got your tissues handy? Cause you're going to need them.

And more tissues for Googles' year in review. I'm watching this on repeat.

God damn it, even more tissues. When an 8 year-old reminds us what it means to give.

As an INTJ (A Thinker, not a Feeler) I completely relate to this.

Want to know if your favorite show have any alleged harassers behind it? It looks like I'll be watching a bit less TV (thankfully only two of my favorite shows came up, and one of those has already dealt with the issue).

What does the color of your menstrual blood tell you about your health?

Got to love Jada Pinkett Smith.

Here's what to say over the holidays when family asks why you are single and/or childless.

The best little brother award goes to...

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