Friday Finds #7

Talk about the longest week EVER. This weekend kicks off 10 straight days of vacation. It's also my birthday and the Christmas holiday. So every minute of every work day was a literal clock watch. I'll be celebrating the holidays with a visit from my parents. Where my father will help me install a new toilet. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like father-daughter plumbing adventures.

I've also been struggling with a chest "cold" going on 4 weeks now. A week of Mucinex, five days on Z-pak, lots of Nyquil. And still not improving. It started with just congestion in my chest and has spread to my ears and a little to my nose. Brilliant. I'm really looking forward to lots and lots of sleep next week.

And in case you didn't notice, if  you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you had a little bit more daytime today. Happy belated solstice!

Did your kid (or you) have the truck gene? My son was obsessed with balls and by 2 could name just about any type of ball you showed him. Then it was puzzles, then LEGOS. And given his parents, superheroes, of course. But he never really got into trucks, bugs, or some of the other childhood topics of obsession. 

If you want to designate a word for 2018, but are struggling, check out Susannah Conway's 5-day email guide.

Back in September, I wrote about student loan debt and the shame that creates, thanks to Death, Sex, and Money's student loan series. That series also inspired a great piece by The Cap Times.

I adore the American Crow and loved this look at their lives in Seattle.

Go behind the scenes of operating the Sesame Street puppets.

You wouldn't expect a NICU nurse to die in childbirth, but you probably wouldn't expect the US to have the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world either.

Do you plan to take your pup outside this winter? If so, be sure you have them winterized.

Progressive laws on gender don't guarantee that sexual harassment and assault won't happen. Just ask Sweden.

A creative way to increase dog adoptions. Harry Potter saves the world again.

Pandas rolling. Can't help but smile.

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