Friday Finds #5

The best part of my week was right at the beginning. My son is involved in chorus and show choir at his high school. I don't know where he got the musical talent. Anyways, Sunday was the winter concert. One in four students at his school are in vocal music and at the end of the concert, we had all 250+ kids singing to us. It sent chills down my spine. 

The rest of the week was a bit more stressful. We had a late night visit from a plumber to unclog a toilet on Monday. A recurring problem. Then Wednesday morning the other toilet clogged. And I found out that my partner's Medicaid is going to be cancelled in January. And I forgot a spoon to eat my yogurt. But I was determined to deal with what I could. I ate my yogurt with a fork and went to Lowes to pick up a new plumbing snake (ours doesn't seem to do anything). That evening I successfully unclogged the toilet, cleaned out my tub of gift bags, and helped my son right his paper on Shawshank Redemption. No I am so ready for the weekend.

When your kid draws on the wall.

What happens to the Rockfeller tree after the holidays?

The TIME Person of the Year. Is it ironic that the 45th president (someone who admitted to sexual assault) claimed to turn down the honor?

Do you consider yourself an ally? Take the quiz.

Need a good night's sleep, or just to relax? Scientists are starting to understand how nature sounds can help with that.

Hey Potterheads, let's reconsider Voldemort's parents.

And how much of a Potterhead are you? I scored a 52%.

Last but not least, I am happy to share that Susannah Conway's 2018 Unravel Your Year is available! For the last five (?) years, I set aside some quiet time to reflect with this help of this wonderful workbook. It's the perfect way to close out one year and create intention for the next.

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