Friday Finds #8

Welcome to the new year! Hope everyone enjoyed New Year's Eve. We curled up on the incredibly frigid evening and watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. We'd watched the first two movies of the trilogy earlier in the week (Lord of Rings is my holiday movie(s) of choice). We watched the extended version, which guaranteed we'd be up to watch the ball drop at midnight. Then we immediately went to bed.

On New Year's Day, I purged quite of bit, including my altar supplies. Lots of random things that have gathered over the years. Then I cleaned it up and prepared it to see more action. It's been collecting dust rather than prayers for way too long.

I started off the year with tarot and rune readings for the month of January. Jera (the rune) reminds us to take small deliberate actions, to have patience and perseverance, and to understand the magic of right timing.

For my tarot reading, I drew the King of Pentacles to represent the month, Justice to represent what I need to pay attention to in January, and Strength (reversed) for obstacles that may stand in my way. 

My intuition says that my January is all about:

  • Success is found by working hard and giving generously of my time and/or resources (King of Pentacles)
  •  Reflect on the consequences of any decisions I make this month and make those decisions based on my personal truth (Justice)
  •  Let go of self-doubt, remember I have the strength to do hard things, and use compassionate strength as I move forward (Strength, reversed)
  • Accept that seeds must be planted and nurtured to be ready for harvest, and this takes time (Jera)

I'm using Michelle Tea's Modern Tarot to help gain a better understanding of the cards and craft some simple rituals. And I use the Robin Wood tarot deck. I've owned several over the years, but this one is the one that talks to me with the most clarity.

I'm also reading Present over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living by Shauna Niequist. The passage below was like a punch to the gut.

In response to the widespread sexual harassment and assault that permeates our culture, Time's Up is a "unified call from women in entertainment for women everywhere." They now have a legal defense fund set up to help those affected by sexual harassment and you can donate now.

Why do women have to fix the problem of sexism?

This recipe for cozy spiked cider is on my list for the weekend.

The challenges Native Americans face when voting.

Skillshare is offering 3 months of Premium membership for just $0.99. I'm taking an Intro to Pen & Ink Sketching class and perhaps the Think Like a Chef class.