Friday Finds #13

This week started with a horrible case of insomnia and was quickly followed by an email from my son's school. There are days when I wonder how I have done so fucking badly at being a parent. Where did I go wrong, what did I not say, was I too easy on him? Because he is almost 16 and he is making some enormously dumb-ass choices and doesn't even see it.

Do you ever just feel like you failed as a parent?

Quotes of the Week

"Kids ain't supposed to be grateful. They're supposed to eat your food and break your heart."~Bobby Singer, Supernatural

"When women tell the truth, other women tell the truth." ~Amanda Palmer

On my nightstand this week

Goodbye, Vitamin: A Novel by Rachel Khong

What I read/watched on the internet this week

Politics & Social Justice

What exactly is the Senate debating when it comes to immigration?

Albert Einstein's thoughts on American racism.

What it's like for a queer black woman to hike the AT.


Has you child seen porn? Probably. A New York Times reporter spoke with teens about their experiences with porn and how it has impacted their view of sex and sexual relationships. There's a lot that should worry parents, but this one conversation terrifies me.

"And during a conversation I had with three girls, one senior wondered aloud: “What if you don’t want a facial? What are you supposed to do? Friends say a boy cleans it with a napkin. A lot of girls my age like facials.” But a few moments later, she reversed course. “I actually don’t think they like it. They do it because their partner likes it.” Next to her, a sophomore added that when older girls talk among themselves, many say it’s gross. “But they say you gotta do what you gotta do.” And if you don’t, the first girl added, “then someone else will.”"

Pop Culture

The Good Place has become a pop culture phenom and for good reason. This article at The Outline explores its theology and view of heaven and hell.

The song Kumbaya isn't quite what you thought it was.

Amanda Palmer on Judy Blume.

So, why all the excitement over Black Panther? Here's one reason why.

Every Woman needs to know

Are you wearing the wrong bra size? Are you washing your bra wrong? Loved this interview with the founder of True Love. Once this shopping ban is over, I'm clicking buy on one of their T-shirt bras.

According to this article, "... finding the right mate is no substitute for having friends and other interests."

What kind of exercise reduces the aging found in your cells?

Simple ways to improve your finances. I love how this advice doesn't ask you to make a radical transformation.

Made me Smile

The first American woman to land a triple Axle at the Olympics. Way to go Mirai!

Please tell me you saw Chloe Kim win the Gold?!!

Favorite Podcast of the Week

Brene Brown: Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart via OnBeing with Krista Tippett


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