Friday Finds #16

Favorite quote of the week

"In the twenty-first century, women will change the nature of power rather than power changing the nature of women." ~Bella Abzug, New York Congresswoman

On my nightstand this week

This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America by Morgan Jerkins

Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles by Barbara Stanny

What I read on the web this week

Politics and social justice

Viola Davis on #MeToo, race, and the pay gap in Hollywood.

There is something seriously wrong at the NYPD.

What Africa might have been like if the Atlantic Slave Trade had never existed.

New York Magazine's series on raising boys.

Climate and weather events have displaced 1 million Americans in the last year.

What every woman should know

Doctors (or at least one male doctor) is finally ready to validate the female experience of menstrual pain. Gee thanks.

How to care for yourself during every week of your cycle.

Have you fallen for these pop psychology myths? I have.

How a Japanese concept can change your life.

A story of resilience and a wonder mantra to add to your life.

What made me smile

Little Women is back, but in a brand new way.

The release of Jessica Jones Season 2 on Netflix.

Porgs dancing.

Podcast of the week

Universal Basic Income Part 1: an idea whose time has come? and Universal Basic Income Part 2: a bridge towards post-capitalism?   by Upsteam Podcast