TGIF: It's Spring, I think

Like most of the Northern Hemisphere, I welcomed in Spring with anticipation and joy this Tuesday. And then it snowed. Why? Why do that to us? It's evil, just evil.

The last two weeks, including Spring Break, I have been body-snatched by a snot alien. Seriously, how much mucus can a body produce? Thankfully, I am on the mend and can once again sleep horizontally without fear of suffocating myself.

Tomorrow is the March For Our Lives international rally. We have a march scheduled at the Iowa Capital Building, but we also have many inches of snow in the forecast. I really hope the weather doesn't keep people from being able to participate.

The weather does mean that I have a great excuse to curl up with hot cocoa and Netflix. 

On my night stand

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

This week's binge

The Great British Baking Show. I know I am late to the game on this one, and generally I am allergic to all British media, but this show is pure gold. I'm not a hugger, but I would hug just about every single baker.

What I Read this week

Did you know it's National Puppy Day?

Margo Robbie is bringing a modern female perspective of Shakespeare to NBC.

Looking for some inspiration to become an outdoorswoman? Look no further.

Why a grown ass woman would read (and love) YA literature.

The lessons of life when your life is in jeopardy.

Favorite podcast of the week

Feeding the Green-Eyed Monster: What Happens When Envy Turns Ugly by Hidden Brian/NPR