TGIF: What's your latest obsession?

I've fallen down a rabbit hole. That rabbit hole is called Copic Markers. I purchased three about a month ago for a new SkillShare course by Gabrielle Brickey. The moment I touched the first one to paper, I was obsessed.

Obsessed enough that I placed an order with Blick for 11 more colors. Then stayed up late to draw and color. Then created a Pinterest board and scoured the internet for "how-to" articles and videos.

And then filled my Instagram feed with nothing but my art. #sorrynotsorry

But I do have a life outside my new toys.

Tuesday evening, I had a wonderful dinner with a friend of two decades. We talked about her travels, which had me wondering, "If I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?"

On Thursday evening, I came home to the beautiful sight of tulips pushing through the soil. Of course, living in central Iowa, the threat of them freezing before they bloom is real. It's a fear that sets in every year and every year I do a little prayer when I see them.

Favorite Quote this Week

"The Universe has my back. But I think it's because I have my back, too. So I set the standard for the Universe to have my back." ~Mary Shenouda, interview with Girls Gone WOD Podcast

On my nightstand

Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao

Burn Bright (Alpha and Omega) by Patricia Briggs

*I didn't plan the similarity in titles, this is just what came up on my hold list from the library.

What I read this week

Feel like you have nothing to wear. Join the #wearyourclosetchallenge.

When they say put your smartphone away, they really mean away. Even having your phone off and face down in front of you can impair your ability to perform on cognitive tasks.

Listeners of the Death, Sex, and Money podcast put together a reading list for the "Opportunity Cost" series. The books offer different perspective of socioeconomic class.

In case you thought deleting your Facebook account was enough. 

This woman's journey in slow fashion on a stay-at-home-mom budget.

Do you soothe your anxiety with online shopping?

The greatest lesson from traveling the world.

"The experience, not the idea, is what matters" - the practice of gratitude.

What is spirituality? Here's what Brene Brown's research showed her.

Stop comparing and start basking.

Do maternal grandparents have an advantage?

Dawson's Creek is 20. Yep, I am feeling old.

How becoming a restaurant reviewer helped this woman build a better relationship with food.

Favorite podcasts of the week

The Lonely American Man from Hidden Brain/NPR.

The Talk from Change Agent/New York Times. This one was hard for me to listen to. I wanted to turn it off several times because I was uncomfortable listening to the conversation between the two friends. But I'm so glad I listened all the way through. The episode gave me so many tools to have those tough conversations we all seem to be dealing with right now.