TGIF: Your creativity is your voice

We might have finally turned a corner and welcomed Spring. Of course, I might have just jinxed us too.

The other night, I had a wonderful conversation about creativity. What it is, how to foster it, how we ALL have it.

I was reminded that our creativity, in whatever form it takes, is an expression of ourselves and our gift to our family, friends, and if we choose, the world at large.

More importantly, making time to be creative is gift to ourselves.

I express my creativity in so many ways, but in the past, I have been far to judgmental about how it manifests. If I drew something and it didn't come out exactly like the image in my mind. Or my writing wasn't just right. My photos not gallery worthy.

And I stepped away from expressing my creativity, in some cases for more than 2 decades. 

Having recently returned to drawing, I realized how much it fills my bucket up, but also what an essential piece of me I wasn't allowing expression. I was silencing myself. 

Maybe it's because I'm in my forties, but I'm just not willing to silence myself any longer.

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