TGIF: Feeling Off

At 10:30 am, it dawned on me that it was Friday. I really haven't been myself this week. Everything is achy, and I haven't felt like doing much more than binging season 2 of Wynonna Earp (and then screaming at Netflix when I realized they didn't have season 3 yet). So today's Friday Finds is a bit on the sad side. Have a great weekend.

Have you listened to the new podcast Bodies yet? The first two episodes are so good. Each episode is focused on one person's story about living in their bodies.

Remember when nerds were seen as the sensitive guys and jocks the jerks? Not so much anymore.

"White trash" and how we talk about poor white people.

Why elephants don't get cancer.

How people see you and your worth differently once you transition from female to male.

If you are voting this November to protect women's rights, don't vote for these folks.


Jacki Hayes is a reader, writer, and artist in Des Moines, IA. She loves Marvel movies, hiking with her dogs, and reading young adult fantasy novels. In her spare time, you can find her lifting heavy things or taking aerial hoop lessons.

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