TGIF: Doing hard things

For the past couple of months, I've been back at aerial classes. Specifically lyra (aerial hoop). When I started aerial two years ago, I instantly fell in love with this particular apparatus. It felt more natural, more me. And I hated the silks. They were just pretty reminders of failed rope climbs.

Unfortunately, the class schedule changed and school started. Now the only classes I can fit in are static trapeze and aerial fabric foundations. Which brings me to last night's class. Staring at the silks and the hammock feeling completely incompetent. About half way through class, my brain hit overload and I just could not learn anything more. Which was fine since my grip strength was completely gone. 

At one point I thought to myself that I would just stop going until I was able to make it back to lyra class. And then a voice said, "Wow, are you going to be like that? Someone who quits something because it's hard the first day." Fuck no! I will never love silks as much as the lyra, but what I learn in this class can be transferred to another apparatus. And the strength I gain from silks will definitely help. So here's to more silks in my future.

FYI, what you've been taught about eggs and sperm is probably wrong.

Here's why some t-shirts cost $5 and others $500.

I'm from Iowa. Mollie Tibbetts' home. Her death was a tragedy. But it wasn't about immigration. It was about a man not being willing to take no from a woman. It's funny how our Republican politicians are using her name to promote an anti-immigration agenda but aren't sponsoring the bill that will extend the Violence Against Women Act (which is set to expire soon).

We can't rely on social media to solve our social problems like healthcare, paid leave, etc.

I am guilty of using the phrase "Hey Guys." I really need to break that habit.

Right now, inmates at several U.S. prisons are on strike. They've got some pretty compelling reasons. Safe legalized slavery.

First, why are we surprised that Trump might have said the N-word? Second, does it matter at this point?

That's it for this week. Have a great holiday weekend if you're in the States!


Jacki Hayes is a reader, writer, and artist in Des Moines, IA. She loves Marvel movies, hiking with her dogs, and reading young adult fantasy novels. In her spare time, you can find her lifting heavy things or taking aerial hoop lessons.

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