TGIF: My sweaters are ready to be worn

The last two weeks I've woken up on Thursday absolutely convinced it was Friday. CONVINCED. Needless to say, it was a sad, sad moment when reality set in. But now, it's finally here. 

One morning this week, I stood in my closet, the sun still sleeping below the horizon and the a/c churning away. Straight in front of me were almost a dozen tanks and sleeveless shirts. Almost as many short-sleeved shirts stared back at me. My shoulders raised, then fell, with a dejected sigh. A little to my right, my sweaters whispered a siren song. I gazed at them like my hound dog stares at me during dinner time.

August is a hard month. The state fair started last night, and for me, it's the official send off to summer. It's almost always the hottest time of year, the stickiest. A nice way of reminding us that summer has it's downside as well. When it ends, Iowa children have less than a week to prepare for the start of school, those two or three days filled with a mad dash to the Target school supply section. August is a month that is so full with preparation that it's not much of a month at all. And is so fucking hot. And humid.

It doesn't help that autumn is my favorite season. Sweatshirts and short weather is what I always crave. Crisp mornings and warmish afternoons. And August is keeping me from reaching my comfort zone.

But this year, weather permitting, I'm having a summer send off. School starts on the 23rd, so I'm heading to the beach on the 24th (weather permitting). I'll read on the beach, mush sand between my toes, and wade out into the water to feel the chill of the cool water. I'll rent a paddleboard, sway in the middle of the lake, soaking up the sun.

I'll grab a giant lemonade and wander the sculpture garden, photograph the downtown graffiti art, and head to an afternoon movie. Grab an ice cream from Snookies.

All the best of summer, I'm packing into that one day. A reminder of the carefree feeling of the season, the leisure and laziness. Bottle it all up, to tide me over on those cold, cold February days.


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Jacki Hayes is a reader, writer, and artist in Des Moines, IA. She loves Marvel movies, hiking with her dogs, and reading young adult fantasy novels. In her spare time, you can find her lifting heavy things or taking aerial hoop lessons.

Jacki Hayes