TGIF: Mother Nature Doesn't care About my plans

Two weeks ago, I wrote about taking today off and doing a last hurrah to summer. It was going to filled with the beach, paddle boarding, walking around downtown to view the sculpture garden. I woke up today with a forecast of rain. Rain, rain, thunder storms, and more rain.  Mother Nature just doesn't care about my plans at all.

So instead, I stayed up way too late last night watching Teen Wolf season 7 on Amazon (I can't believe I spent $17.99 buy the season). This morning, I slept in and then met a friend for breakfast. We finally left when we realized it was lunch time. Now, I'm typing this at my dining room table at 2:30 in the afternoon. Enjoying one of the only times that I have a house to myself (if you don't count the sleeping dogs). 

Not exactly how I pictured the day. But it still works. 


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