Hello, It's Nice to meet you


In America, when we first meet someone, we ask “So what do you do?”

Over the years, I’ve held many titles: Receptionist, Museum Educator, Programs Director, Administrative Assistant, IT Security Technician, Program Assistant, Women’s Studies Instructor, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach (some of these at the same time).

But none of them really says much about me.

Those titles don’t tell you…

  • what keeps me up at night (financial worries)
  • what makes me squeal (hearing my son will be reading Of Mice and Men in school)
  • what makes me smile (my Winnie dog and her stuffed pig)
  • what drives me (cultivating learning)

Here’s what I can tell you.



Mother * Partner * Daughter * Sister * Aunt * Teacher * Student * Reader * Introvert * Geek * Scholar * Feminist * Liberal



Independence * Growth * Discovery * Trust


I Crave

Solitude * Mountain Hikes * Ocean Waves * Deep Connections * Brownies w/ Whipped Cream Topping



My Personality - INTJ

imaginative yet decisive *ambitious yet private *insanely curious *starry-eyed idealist and bitter cynic *everything is open to examination

My Kryptonite

social conventions* rules for the sake of rules * status quo * emotions * large parties * the superficial

My Superpowers

observant, assured, & unruffled * dignified, discreet, & well-informed * bring stability & calm * deliver with consistency

She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.
— ~Annie Dillard

A bit more about Jacki

Hey there, I’m Jacki Hayes.

I struggled for years trying to find my passion and purpose. As a child I wanted nothing more than to be a primatologist. Then a marine biologist. Then a veterinarian.

I eventually earned my bachelor’s of science in animal ecology and went on to become a museum educator at a local science center. Over the next eight years, I discovered a passion for inspiring insights and cultivating learning. Each day, I woke up knowing I could create that a-ha! moment for someone. That I would watch a face light up as they “got it.” But as I turned 30 I needed a change of scenery and to explore other interests.

I went back to school to earn my master’s degree in religious studies, women’s studies, and psychology.  As a child I was fascinated by animals, but I also loved storytelling and mythology. As I entered a new decade, I turned to my attention to the modern mythology of Western culture, the role of women within our stories, and the emotional and societal impact of those roles.

I discovered one very important piece about myself during graduate school. As I sat at my local coffee shop, surrounded by books, academic journals, my computer and notebooks, I never felt more right.

This was my purpose. To dive deep into the available information, to curate thoughts and ideas, to knit together the facts, data, and opinions, and to ultimately share it all with others.

Essentially, teach. But there are so many ways to be a teacher.

I can stand in front of a classroom and assign homework (which I do once a year in my Buffy to Wonder Woman: Heroic Women of Modern Mythology seminar course). Or I can write about human behavior, personal development, health, or whatever topic catches my eye here on this website.

So welcome to my passion and purpose. A place where I seek to cultivate learning and inspire an a-ha!