Episode 2: The journey to becoming a full-time artist with Naima Nicholson

In today's episode, I talk with the multi-talented Naima Nicholson. As a child, Naima assumed she would grow up to be a full-time artist. Instead, she graduated from college and had car payments and student loans that had to be paid. Twenty years later, the jobs she took for security have become her full-time work and art is her side hustle. Now that's she's in her 40's, she's beginning the journey to switch that around.

Naima is a jack of most trades. An artist at the core. Actor, director, writer, artist, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, lover of life, nature, adventure, and kindness. Mr. Rogers, Julie Andrews, and George Henson are her heroes. 

Apology: This is a bit of a jump in the conversation. I refrain from editing out pieces of conversation, but we had the lovely 4 minute experience of mansplaining that I didn't want to force upon you.

In this episode

  • When did Naima know she was a artist
  • What does Naima think it means to be an artist
  • The fear of an irregular income
  • What she would tell younger versions of herself
  • How risk aversion on the ego play into Naima's journey
  • Why you should take an art history class

Show Notes


Music: http://www.purple-planet.com