The Weekly A-HA!

For me, Heaven is research rabbit holes and days of following my curiosity. And this e-letter is all about sharing what I've learned from my most recent interests. All in the hopes of sparking an A-Ha!




Issue 1: Why is Life So Hard

Sometimes it seems like life can never just be easy. It seems like everyone around us has it easier than us. But is that really the case? What makes some people feel like life is harder for them than others? 

In this issue, we explore the hedonic treadmill, a term psychologists use to describe our tendency to return to a stable level of happiness. We also learn how to up our happiness set-point.


Issue 2: THe Need To belong

Did you know that the Danes are the happiest people in Europe? They're also more likely to spend time with friends and family on a weekly basis. It all comes back to their love of hygge, a sense of cozy togetherness. While you can enjoy hygge alone, most Danes will tell you the experience is best with three of four people. That's probably because of our biological need to belong.

In this issue, we find out what one hormone can do for our relationships and how to boost it's effects on our happiness.


Issue 3: Do you deserve to be happy?

A common belief of American culture is that we all deserve to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is part of our Declaration of Independence after all. As Americans, we are in a near constant pursuit of happiness. And yet our happiness levels are dropping.

There's much we can learn from our global neighbors about the pursuit of happiness.


Issue 4: How to win at the game of life

Maslow theorized that humans are motivated by certain needs. And each set of needs exist on a specific level. In order to reach your potential, you have to complete each level, starting with Level 1. What if you looked at life as leveling up? Could you find a way to hack the game of life?


Issue 5: Work, Rest, Repeat

With Arianna Huffington's release of of her book The Sleep Revolution, our "sleep when dead" culture is starting to accept how important it is to honor our circadian rhythms. But the day-night/sleep-wake cycle is just one of many biological cycles that contribute to our health and happiness. Learn on how to use ultradian cycles, menstrual cycles, and seasonal cycles for a healthier, more productive life.